Yellow Squash with Olive Tapenade
~ 4-6 servings
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  1. 4 yellow squash (or zucchini)
  2. 8 carrots
  3. sun-dried tomatoes, to taste (1/2 cup or more_
  1. 2 yellow or red bell pepper, chopped
  2. 2 c pine nuts
  3. ~6 Tbsp lemon juice
  4. ~6 tsp dried oregano
  5. ~6 tsp dried thyme
  6. black olives, halved, to taste
salt, to taste
  1. Using a potato peeler, peel the outer-most layer of the squash and carrots.
  2. Make the pasta by peeling the rest of the carrots and squash, excluding the seeds of the squash.
  3. Mix together tapenade ingredients and add to pasta.  Top with sun-dried tomatoes.