Mango Cobbler
6-8 servings
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Crust Ingredients
  1. 1 ¼ cup almonds
  2. 2 t. vanilla extract
  3. ½ t. sea salt
  4. 1 cup pitted dates
  5. 2 T. coconut oil
Filling Ingredients
  1. 2 mangos, pitted and diced
  1. To make crust, place almonds, vanilla and salt into a food processor and process until the almonds are very small pieces.
  2. Set mixture aside in a large bowl.
  3. Process dates in the food processor and add to almond mixture.
  4. Add melted coconut oil to the mixture and kneed by hand until well blended.
  5. Line the bottom of a small square glass dish with half the crust mixture, cover the crust with the diced mangos then top the mangos with crumbled almond mixture on top.